5 Reasons Spray Painting Is Better Than Paintng Or Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Replastered kitchen after painting

Refurbishing kitchen cupboards and kitchen units is a relatively new concept to most people.

…When it comes to the best method of painting kitchen cabinets, few people realise that they can be resprayed rather than repainted. You certainly don’t want to go to the expense of replacing the whole kitchen. Furthermore, there\’s no argument that respraying your kitchen is by far the better of the two options. Here a five good reasons to go with a respray:

#1. Respraying is more cost-effective
Replacing an entire kitchen or just the cabinets can be very expensive. The cost can quickly add up between the doors, fittings, removal of the old units and tidying up the space before you start the installation of the new units. By contrast, spray painting means removing and preparing the doors to be resprayed and then refitted.

#2. Time-efficient:
Replacing kitchen cabinets can take weeks, if not months. On the other hand, respraying can be completed in a matter of days. Only the parts of the units that need to be resprayed are taken away. The carcases don’t need to be removed, and more importantly, they don’t need to be refitted. If you want to update your kitchen quickly, this is the option for you.

#3. It’s more customisable:
With spray painting, you can choose any colour and finish. The handles will be taken off for respraying, so you have the perfect opportunity to change them out at the same time. We can help you choose and source the perfect handles for your new-look kitchen.

#4. A better finish
With the right preparation and technique, spray painting produces very high-quality results. You get the fine finish that is impossible to achieve with a brush. Also, as specialist kitchen painters, we have specialist equipment and paints specific to this job.

#5. Durability
The spray painting techniques and paints we use combine to achieve great durability. It’s important to hire an experienced professional to ensure your cabinets are properly prepared and painted for optimal results.


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