5 Colour Trends in Decorating for 2021

Valspar colour trends in decorating 2021

Colour trends in decorating originate from numerous sources with most major brands producing their own selection of colours.

From Pantone to Dulux, Tikkurila to Johnstone’s, there is a common theme running through most colour trends for 2021, a selection of colours aimed at evoking a sense of calm and stability after what has been a difficult year. In this post, we take a look at these trends and perhaps inspire your next decorating project.


Dulux colour of the year 2021 – Brave Ground™

Dulux colour experts have chosen Brave Ground™, a warm, earthy neutral shade that evokes a connection to nature, giving a feeling of “stability, growth and potential”; providing “a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home.” The Dulux team have created four easy-to-use colour palettes, all centred around their Colour of the Year. Read more about Dulux\’s colour inspiration Brave Ground™ here

Valspar’s 12 colour picks for 2021


From muted indigo to apricot nudes, calming grey-greens to dusky hued rose colours, bolder statement colours to natural tints, Valspar offers twelve stunning shades which elicit a sense of calm, comfort and cozy luxury for its 2021 collection. Take a look at the inspiration behind these beautiful colours, why they\’re trending and how to style your home gorgeously using this stunning colour palettes.


Tikkurila Colour of the Year 2021 – Cumulus Blue

Tikkurila’s choice for Colour of the Year 2021 is a light heather blue called “Cumulus”. Tikkurila say this colour promotes “tranquillity and understanding” evoking “a feeling of calm and sense of stability”. You can find their 2021 Colour Now choices in their Colour Directory. The choices follow the general mood for 2021 with natural stone, tranquil greens, dusky indigoes, apricots and roses.

Johnstone’s Trade Trend Colours 2021

Johnstone’s trade trend colours represent this years sentiments: Be True, Be Well but with a more uplifting Be Wild.
Be True reflects natures colours, a toney sage green, silky apricot and luxurious eggplant, whilst Be Well gives us a soothing, sophisticated palette of rich terracotta and calming misty aqua.

The mood-boosting Be Wild palette allows a hint of optimism with a fresh lemon, alluring eastern blue, and pale pearl – suggesting the fun sun, sea and sand in better times. Take a look through Johnstone’s look book for 2021 for ideas and inspiration.

Farrow and Ball 2021 Colour Trends

Farrow and Ball are producing 4 colour trends for 2021, and have opted for deep hues and luxuriously rich but cosy autumnal colours so far. Their first offering gives us a terra rose bole, a “Tanners Brown” and a dark Baroque “Preference Red” whilst their next trend offers up their cleanest, most timeless blues.Colour Curator Joa Studholme explains that “these uncomplicated shades feel familiar, and so they have a soothing effect in the home despite their cooler undertones.” We await with anticipation the last two colour palettes from Farrow and Ball.



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