Farrow and Ball colours of 2023 and our customers favourites!

Farrow and Ball colours released in 2022

Farrow and Ball released a set of eleven new colours in late 2022 “inspired by moments of joy, comfort and refreshment.”


In this blog we explore the best Farrow and Ball colours released in September 2022, as well as take a look at some of our customer’s favourite Farrow and Ball colours. The new paint shades are the first additions to Farrow & Ball\’s range since 2018 and range from charcoal grey to a forest green, with depth of colour and rich hues.

  • Kittiwake – a clean cool blue inspired by the wings of seabirds when seen in bright sunlight, that matches well with Wine Dark.
  • Selvedge – A laid back blue to create a familiar and friendly atmosphere and pairs well with Inchyra Blue or Hopper Head
  • Wine Dark – A rich, dark blue, perfectly suited for candlelight and intimacy, inspired by midnight skies.
  • Hopper Head – A classic charcoal inspired by the attractively designed iron containers used to catch rainwater at the top of a downpipe.
  • Bamboozle – A spirited, flame red, this fiery hue was originally used to describe the deceit of pirates. Bamboozle matches well to other rich colours such as Beverly and Wine Dark.
  • Templeton Pink – A historic-feeling pink, this shade was developed for the dining room at Templeton House to offset the magnificent Wedgwood plaques made to commemorate the former owner, although it suits a contemporary setting just as well.
  • Tailor Tack – a soft feathery putty colour that works well with both modern and traditional schemes.
  • Stirabout – an earthy, natural, nurturing tone with a grey undertone. Named by Farrow & Ball after Irish oatmeal, it is a comforting and relaxed colour.
  • Eddy – a gentle, natural green ideal for creating a calm relaxing room, complimented well by Beverly.
  • Whirlybird – a lively pale green, inspired by twirling helicopter seeds we played with as children.
  • Beverly – a clean forest green, dependable and uncomplicated.

Over the years our own clients have chosen a range of Farrow and Ball colours for their kitchen cabinets and internal decorating. From the ever-popular Instagram favourites, Hague Blue and Inchrya Blue to 3 of the 4 of Farrow and Ball’s Relaxed Neutrals, our clients have good taste in colour!! Look through our gallery to see if you can spot the Farrow and Ball colours!

  • Brassica – a rich warm lavender tone which looks stunning on a kitchen island, and pairs well with Skimming Stone.
  • Drop Cloth – with a nod to our painters and decorators in its name, this is a muted mid grey beige from the Timeless Neutrals group.
  • Purbeck Stone – a clean and understated stone grey which matches well with Ammonite and Wevet.
  • Pavillion Gray – a classic mid grey, giving a neutral stone look to our clients kitchen cabinets.
  • Ammonite – one of Farrow and Balls relaxed neutral colours, this subtle grey creates a relaxed feel.
  • Wevet – a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, a clean delicate white with a hint of grey.
  • All White – the softest white, without the blue undertones of a brilliant white.
  • Dove Tail – a warm grey finish that creates a soft inviting feel, used in a dining room with Inchyra Blue by a client.
  • Mole’s Breath – a timeless grey which matches well with relaxed neutrals like Purbeck Stone and was used for bathroom furniture paired with Ammonite walls for our clients bathroom.
  • Plummett – a strong architectural grey, used by a client as a statement furniture colour in a kitchen.
  • Inchyra Blue – an aged blue grey inspired by the naturally dramatic Scottish skies surrounding Inchyra House. This was used in a clients dining room.
  • Hague Blue – the green undertones of this timeless, deep and dramatic blue which transformed our clients kitchen cabinets.
  • Calke Green – a rich and traditional green originally found in the breakfast room at Calke Abbey.
  • Pitch Black – as pure a black as you can get, Pitch Black is strong and uncomplicated in all lights, with an unsurpassable depth and almost velvet quality.



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