How to maintain a newly painted kitchen

Maintain a newly painted kitchen

As a professional kitchen painting company, we are always being asked how a client should maintain a newly painted kitchen. Follow the advice from this blog, find out how to clean painted kitchen cabinets and your kitchen will last you for years to come.



When it comes to cleaning your painted kitchen cabinets, we often get asked  “can you use bleach on painted cabinets?”. We advise that you only use warm soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth. Treat it a bit like washing your car, you wouldn’t use bleach or a scourer on your car’s body work would you?

When using any chemicals to clean your sink, oven or floor try to be extra cautious that the cleaning products don’t splash up and remain on the painted surface for too long. If they do splash then wipe your cupboards over with warm soapy water.

Extractor fan

You should always make sure that your cooking extractor fan is turned on while you are cooking, especially when frying, as too much oil left on painted kitchen surfaces over an extended period of time can cause the paint to breakdown and peel. This can happen if you fry daily over a few months with an inefficient or no extractor fan and without cleaning.

Touch ups

In the event that you may have to touch up the paint due to damage, you will need to use a small artists brush and only apply the kitchen paint on the damaged area. We advise you to apply thin coats, which are left to dry in between coats, until the damaged is covered rather than one thick coat of paint.

Damaged paint

Paint can get damaged if it is exposed to sharp objects or excessive scratching i.e. keys, finger nails especially near handles. Over time it may cause damage and wear because no paint is bulletproof.
The good news is that the paint we use on kitchens is designed to cope with everyday family use, can easily be touched in and on the rare occasions when a touch up is not enough it can be re-sprayed.

It is amazing how far paint has come, especially in the last 5 years. We hope you will benefit from this blog about how to maintain a newly painted kitchen, and feel reassured that when we spray paint kitchens it not going to only last you for a year but over 3 years at least.


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