Striking black and white masonry

This front exterior is exposed to harsh weather conditions, high levels of traffic as well as a flaking dry surface.  In addition the front window bay had cracks and holes which made the interior ceiling and walls suffer from water damage. The decorative window bay was repaired, with cracks and holes filled and sealed, and the roof was sealed with bitumen. The striking black and white masonry coordinates with the black front door.

A visit a year later to decorate the living room showed water damage was no longer present.

Pliolite Masonry paint was used on this project for a superior finish, to give a longer life span and seal the bare render, which had come through due to the flaking paint. Pliolite paint provides a matt finish which has excellent adhesion to previously painted or porous surfaces. It dries quickly, is highly resistant to damp and water damage and cleans better than water based masonry paint. This makes it an excellent choice for temperate climates such as ours.

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